Busy business owners don’t have much time. That is why they decide on us, that is why they choose a solution that is not very engaging. Our company supervises and coordinates the various stages of creating a new website.
We deal with obvious issues, which are the preparation of graphic design and its implementation in WordPress. In addition, if necessary, we help to edit the texts and prepare appropriate photos.
In other words, our company supports every customer during the whole process of creating a new website.
See how the individual “modules” of our offer look like.


We design modern, visually attractive and responsive websites. This means that the websites we build automatically adapt to the display not only on computers but also on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this, we create a single, consistent, mobile websites that works …

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properly on all available platforms and devices. The advantage of websites compliant with RWD (Responsive Web Design) standards is also their better evaluation by Google algorithms, resulting in a higher position in the results of this search engine. This in turn allows us to run more effective AdWords advertising campaigns. We design websites whose character corresponds to the businesses run by our customers. This concerns both graphic and functional aspects. Our websites have an administration panel in WordPress. This allows you to add your own content and edit existing ones. As part of the additional, free handling of the order, before the launch of the website, we offer free training in the use of the so-called CMS (Content Management System). After such training, our customers can manage their own content on their company website. It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies, which in the future, without incurring additional costs, can independently update information, maintain a blog or upload photos to the gallery.


In addition to the service of designing websites, we offer the use of hosting offered by us. It is a service consisting in maintaining web pages, e-mail and FTP services on a secure and efficient server. If you have e-mail in your domain we also needa properly configured mail server. Thanks to modern ...

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servers, software and backup system - newly created website and e-mail accounts assigned to it - are stable and secure. Moreover, the fiber optic connection to the Internet guarantees immediate access to all resources of the website, both to its owner and administrator, as well as to millions of network users. As part of our Optimal and Pro packages, we offer the first year of our hosting service free of charge! Before the end of the service we inform our customers about the possibility of its extension and the competitive price of its continuation.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of actions that aim to promote the website of a given company, so that it would be in the top ten, Top 3 or the first place in the Google search engine. Positioning is an effective marketing activity and an effective form of advertising. It is ...

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worth knowing, however, that it is not a one-off activity, but a long-term one. You should remember that it is a process that lasts from a few weeks to several months - it depends on the popularity of a given word or phrase in the Google search engine. That is why it is so important that from the very beginning of designing a website - properly construct texts that will be finally included in it. You should consistently use specific words and phrases, which facilitates the process of positioning. We, due to our experience, know how to do it properly. As part of our Optimal and Pro packages, we offer the basic SEO service free of charge for our customers!


One of the drawbacks of even well-functioning websites are photos. Weaknesses concerning this subject manifest themselves in different ways. For example, pictures are of poor quality or taken under different lighting conditions and with poor equipment. It happens that the pages contain pictures to which there are no property rights or they are simply of ...

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poor quality. Photography is a very important issue. Most of the problems can be solved in many ways. During the cooperation with our clients when creating a website, we always try to provide the best advice and propose an optimal, cost efficient solution. Every business has its own specificity and sometimes it is worth taking a few very professional photos (e.g. if you are a lawyer, doctor or in any other way your image "sells" a given service). In other cases, it is enough to take a good quality photo with a camera (e.g. if you have a florist, car repair shop, car wash or other service point). There are almost as many solutions as businesses and we try to advise our customers accordingly.

Logo & CI

The moment of creating or refreshing a website is also a good time for more or less significant logo lifting or even for carrying out the whole rebranding process. One of the services provided by our agency is the creation of visual identification of companies and their image. After all, it is known that a modern company must have a coherent visual system. We ...

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develop and create the whole visual identification system comprehensively - from designing the logo, company colours and fonts to all other elements. One of the elements of coherent visual identification of the company is its website. We create our projects in such a way that the website meets all the criteria of CI (Corporate Identity). We offer our clients a basic or extended service to develop a logo and other guidelines for the company's visual identification system. If these are the activities accompanying the creation of the website, we offer visual identification in a package at an attractive price. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, because the creation of a new website is a good opportunity to make such changes, and more importantly, by commissioning us with this service we implement it at preferential prices.


Writing texts for a website, seems banal. For many reasons, it is not an issue that can be treated "in the same way as a machete". First of all, the texts (not too long, but also not too short) immediately after the photos create a proper image of the business. Moreover, in order for Google algorithms to evaluate them well, they must contain keywords and key phrases. Therefore, ...

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they must be both interesting and concise, i.e. they must be well written. In addition, our experience shows that this is the element with which our customers usually have the most trouble. Despite the most often preliminary declarations of our customers, the projects are protracted because of that. Therefore, we take the issue of texts very seriously and, if necessary, we immediately propose an appropriate solution. Although the basic editing of the text is included in our comprehensive service, writing appropriate content on a given topic is already an additional service. Certainly, however, we can also offer our customers attractive terms and conditions here.

Social Media

We provide comprehensive services for companies on Facebook. We create fanpages from scratch or conduct activities aimed at attracting new fans. Our actions are based on a proposal of a long-term strategy - previously agreed with our customers. Typical promotion strategy in social media most often includes activating users (such as competitions) ...

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and current editing and adding posts. We take care of the appearance of the fanpage (profile photos, cover photos, graphic posts), because properly designed materials are the best evidence of the company, attract attention and encourage oneself to familiarize with the profile.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is probably the cheapest and at the same time very effective way to promote your company online. In addition, it is also the best form of complementing the SEO service. Using an extremely fast and effective form of advertising, such as AdWords campaigns (both text and graphic), we cause Google to "reward" us even , placing our website higher...

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in the search engine results. Although theoretically everyone can realize their own AdWords campaign on their own, it is worth relying on professionals. We know how to do it effectively and optimally use the budget. We suggest key words and key phrases and determine optimal technical parameters of the advertisement (final recipients, content of the advertisement, hours of action, etc.).


If you are thinking about entering foreign markets with your product or service, we can also help you. We offer comprehensive solutions for translating websites into all European and selected non-European languages. Depending on the complexityof the text, we offer cost-optimal solutions. Web page translations are carried out by professional translators with specialist ...

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with specialist knowledge in the field of translation. This allows us to adapt the content of your website to the cultural context of the country and the terminology of the industry in which your company operates.